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Meet the Team

Most of our team at Northwest Fencing have worked together for well over a decade, and know how to work together get the job done right the first time.

Customer Service Agent

Account Manager

Moving at the speed of light, Peter can be found all over town meeting with customers, estimating jobs, and making sure each job is done to exacting standards. After 16 dedicated years with the organization, he is an integral part of the team, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Purchasing Manager

With a professional, reserved demeanor, you’ll find Randy to be a competent and dependable source of information for your projects. Randy has nearly 40 years of industry experience to call upon when he is making your vision become a reality.

O'Flaherty, B.Ed.

Accounting, human resources, and horseback riding? Heather is an extroverted individual that keeps our office organized and running in tip-top shape. It’s a ‘fun place to work’ and with Heather it certainly is.

Fencing Construction Experts

Every one of our team leaders have the training, qualifications and expertise to manage any Northwest Fencing project. Along with client coordination and project management in the field, this team is key in the mentorship of new employees to reach Northwest Fencing’s standards of quality customer service.

Crew Chief

Ted is an avid outdoorsmen and long time team member. With 16 years of experience, Ted is our crew chief, welder, machine operator, and automatic gate technician. He enjoys the family-oriented work environment and the wide array of challenges of every single day can present.

Crew Chief

Chris has over a decade of experience installing fences and takes pride in a clean, professional looking job. He is part of our JHSC, making sure our field team has the right equipment to work safely. Chris also participates in outdoor recreational sports like snowboarding and hockey to name a few.

Crew Chief

This rollercoaster enthusiast and aficionado enjoys being able to drive to a new jobsite and see the many fence jobs he has installed over the years. It’s a point of pride and sense of community for him to say to his daughters ‘I built that’. With 9 years in the company, Andrew knows fences.

Crew Chief

Chris is a well-rounded individual with over 20 years of experience in the company. He’s no stranger to the outdoors either, and enjoys his hunting, fishing, and sailing. With over 25 years of experience making log homes, from raw material to the finished product, Chris knows what it takes to make your project a success.

Crew Chief

Stephen grew up in a small town in Northwestern Ontario. He’s a hard working individual and enjoys the variety everyday has to offer. He’s obtained his diploma in building construction technology, and when he’s not on the jobsite, you can find him enjoying a good novel at home.


Barry enjoys the broad set of responsibilities he has in the company. Beyond being our IT expert, he also helps in all other operational areas. He has 10 years with the company, and has earned his Certified Automated Gate Operator Installer certificate. Barry also enjoys photography, and uses that talent to take pictures for our website. When he manages to take a vacation you’ll find him participating in ranch rodeos.


Our youngest addition, brings a great energy to the team. He has taken well to building our Arma Gate panels and enjoys making a quality, durable, and clean finished looking product. When he’s not on the welding machine, he spends most of his time dirt biking, snowboarding, and fishing. Evan enjoys working within the team because everyone has a great sense of pride in their work.

Fence Installer

For over 6 years, Louis has been in the field installing fences and paying close attention to the finest details of the job. This guitarist enjoys spending his down time with his band, Escapist, which jams on all sorts of musical genres. Louis enjoys the friendly atmosphere and the variety of work there is as a fence installer.

Fence Installer

This snowboarder is eager to learn something new and readily takes on new challenges in the company. Mike is a hard working individual and with only 2 years with the company he’s grown to be quite an accomplished fence installer.

Fence Installer

Rob has over two decades of experience in the forestry sector operating machinery. He has a ‘get it done’ attitude that resonates well with other team members. Rob enjoys working with the good people around him and seeing happy customers being taken care of.

Applied Research, Advanced Manufacturing & Product Design

Locke, RSE
Research and Manufacturing Manager

Andy prides himself on a job well done. You’ll find him on the shop floor managing our fabrication team and ensuring only quality products leave our facility. In the off season, Andy invests his time into researching and developing new and innovative solutions to our client’s unique needs. As a journeyman machinist and recipient of the idea factory challenge award, Andy is truly passionate about the work he does.


Peter values hard work and a good challenge. This veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces actually spent time in the Arctic sleeping in igloos while on deployment, talk about taking on a challenge! Now, with a smile on his face, and pencil in hand, Peter is taking on a new challenge: drawing the designs on our most innovative security solutions.


Brent has spent most of his working life as a problem-solver, and using his entrepreneurial spirit to provide solutions where others cannot. For 25 years, he has made it his mission to develop innovations, and to challenge the market status quo. Brent has built his reputation on excellence, and he knows he could only do that by surrounding himself with the right people. Developing an organizational culture of innovation, inclusivity, and ingenuity will always be Brent’s top priority, because “It is the only way to be on the leading edge of innovative solutions.”


When it comes to overhead doors, Derek knows his stuff. He started in the business at a young age with his father, and now with over 30 years in the industry, he has seen it all and knows exactly how to tackle your unique application. He is the Garaga Expert in the area, and knows when it comes to your home it’s got to be Garaga.

Talarico, MBA
Business Development

Joe is one of the newest members of the team. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and is no stranger to working with his hands and tackling complicated projects. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing innovative solutions; not products that’ll ‘just do’.

Inventory Manager

Ethan wears many hats each day. If he isn’t on the loom making our chain link, he can be found receiving, organizing and managing the inventory in the yard, or assembling work order kits for our field installer teams. Ethan is an easy-going individual with a down to earth demeanor, and a delight to be around.

The Northwest Guarantee.

Northwest Fencing takes pride in guaranteeing a durable, functional, and attractive product every time!

At Northwest Fencing, we value you and your property, and treat every installation as though it were our own. We never subcontract. We only use our vetted employees to ensure excellence, which offers our clients added value as we are in full control of the quality and workmanship you deserve.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Every fence and gate installation is unique, which is why we will not begin a project until all our clients’ needs and concerns are addressed.

Throughout the 7 steps of the Northwest Fencing experience, we anticipate changes and unique circumstances that we’re happy to accommodate.

  1. Estimate

    Whether through email, online messaging or by phone, our first step find the answer to “Why do you need a fence?” After a short conversation, we will provide you with a quick estimate.

  2. Site Consultation

    Then the process continues with a no-obligation on-site consultation, including measurements and gathering input from all parties.

  3. Quote

    Following the initial site visit, a competitively priced quote is provided that highlights the work to be done as well as any options that arise during previous interactions.

  4. Acceptance

    Once we receive a down payment indicating the acceptance of the quote, the job is assigned to one of the Fencing Construction Experts and OUR work begins in earnest.

  5. Schedule

    The job is scheduled, materials ordered and an installation date is provided.

  6. Installation

    Crews arrive on site with all the information and training needed to make their job run smoother and to better provide Quality Customer Service

  7. Service Contract

    We offer yearly and multi-year service contracts for several products.

Fabrication Built to exacting standards

Site measurement is an important element of our initial consultation, as those measurements inform our team of any possible project limitations or particular requirements. In this way, our Fabricators guarantee every client a product that solves any fencing issue.

Installation Done right, done once

Our Installation team is in constant communication with our on and off-site Project Managers to ensure perfect execution, and to provide the highest level of Quality Customer Service.