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We are experienced in building dependable security fences for a number of residential, commercial, and industrial access control purposes, with a range of security levels, including:

  • Utility enclosures
  • Factory and warehouse fences
  • Correctional Institutions
  • Indoor Cages

Northwest Fencing is one of the few companies with certified experts to design and install Automated Gate Solutions that supplement security fencing, including:

  • High cycle systems
  • Traffic and parking solutions
  • Maximum Security institutions
  • Personal and residential property access
  • Design systems for utility companies, hospitals, police, border patrol, and the military

Built in Canada, Engineered by Canadians.

Aluminum Cantilever Gates

Secure. Reliable. Cost Effective.

ARMA Gate is the latest in high security controlled entry systems by Countermeasures Security Solutions Inc.

ARMA Gates are engineered specifically for industry to guarantee safety and confidence for high cycle entry points. ARMA Gate is manufactured in segments, lowering transportation cost and simplifying installation. The Game Changer is our patent, precision splice technology.

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Secure Access For:

  • telecom
  • utilities
  • shipping
  • airports
  • production
  • commercial
  • ports
  • anywhere security is important

Your security is our priority.

The physical security of your facility deserves the Northwest Fencing guarantee. We ensure compliance to Safety Standards, and often consult with engineers to to help ensure the system integrates seamlessly now and in the future.

  • Northwest Fencing has certified installers specifically for the HySecurity line of operators, including the Strong Arm M30.

The Northwest Guarantee.

Northwest Fencing takes pride in guaranteeing a durable, functional, and attractive product every time!

At Northwest Fencing, we value you and your property, and treat every installation as though it were our own. We never subcontract. We only use our vetted employees to ensure excellence, which offers our clients added value as we are in full control of the quality and workmanship you deserve.

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