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Secure, Reliable, Cost Effective, Aluminum Cantilever Gates.

ARMA Gates are engineered specifically for industry to guarantee safety and confidence for high cycle entry points. ARMA Gate is the latest in high security controlled entry systems by Countermeasures Security Solutions Inc.

ARMA Gate is manufactured in segments, lowering transportation cost and simplifying installation. The Game Changer is our patent, precision splice technology.

Why Choose a Segmented Aluminum Cantilever Gate?

  • Low deflection

    Heavy wall aluminum alloy segments are designed for minimal wind deflection.

  • Inexpensive to Ship

    ARMA Gate’s segmented design reduces transportation cost & eases transportation to the job site.

  • Ships next day

    Our gates are always in stock and ship within 24 hours.

  • Fit any opening

    ARMA Gate’s segmented design can be configured to fit any opening. No custom orders required. ARMA Gate exceeds industry standards and is automation ready.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Should your ARMA Gate require repairs or replacement, damaged areas can be exchanged for new segments without changing the entire gate.