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Cost to Install Wood Fence
October 4, 2017

Overall costs of a wooden fence install varies greatly. Immediate factors to consider include fence – size, height, material and property size. Other factors, often forgotten, but which do quickly add up include – hardware (fence post, pickets, rails), sealant, and … Continue reading

Chain Link Fence Privacy Slats – and Advantages
March 31, 2017

Chain link fences (alternatively known as cyclone fence, hurricane fence, wire netting, wire-mesh fence, diamond-mesh fence and chain-wire fences) are a type of woven fence made from a coated steel wire. There are many p[opular options avaliable for a wide array of … Continue reading

2017 Wood vs Vinyl Fence
January 22, 2017

Wood vs Vinyl Fencing. Vinyl fencing requires – no maintenance, is quick to install, and unlike wood fences is fire/pest resistant (including fungus, dry rot, termites). However, vinyl fence upfront costs are higher in comparison to wood fencing. Vinyl or plastic fencing originated in the … Continue reading

Does Snow Damage Wooden Fencing?
December 23, 2016

Does Snow Damage Wooden Fencing? Yes, snow can damage your wooden fence if it's not properly maintained and protected. Moisture is the number one cause of damage on wooden fencing. The good news is that you can prevent damage to … Continue reading

Fence and Gate Installation Guarantee
October 31, 2016

Northwest fencing, are certified Canadian Fence Industry Association (CFIA) members. On site we stock a wide range of fences and fittings at reasonable prices for a range of projects from large scale to custom made for commercial and residential purposes. … Continue reading

Tips for Selecting a Wood Type for Your Fence
January 22, 2016

With regular maintenance, the average wood fence has an approximate life of about 20 years. Although, this number can vary greatly depending upon the type of wood used in construction. If you’re willing to pay more for high-quality wood up … Continue reading

Getting the Most Out of a New Fence
January 4, 2016

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon in the back yard gardening or grilling dinner on the barbeque, all the while having a clear view of your next-door neighbour doing the same in the yard over, you probably already have a … Continue reading

Fencing Industry on the Rise
November 30, 2015

The global fencing market is expected to reach $32.12 billion USD by the year 2022. This prediction comes from the report by Grand View Research Inc. earlier this year. 2014 research estimated the global fencing market to be over 23 … Continue reading

Top Steps to Follow for Trusted Residential Security
November 2, 2015

The winter holiday’s are soon upon us which means families will gather and laughter and fun will horde your home. Although a time of jolly festivities, the winter holidays are inviting for burglars to invade your home while you’re away … Continue reading

Fall Maintenance Tips for Wooden Fences
October 1, 2015

October is here! The leaves start to change colour, wearing a sweater becomes more comforting and the cool air is fresh and crisp. Unfortunately however, the fall and winter seasons can cause homeowners a lot of frustration due to fence … Continue reading