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Does Snow Damage Wooden Fencing?
December 23, 2016

Does Snow Damage Wooden Fencing?

Yes, snow can damage your wooden fence if it's not properly maintained and protected. Moisture is the number one cause of damage on wooden fencing. The good news is that you can prevent damage to your wooden fence through a few simple maintenance items.

Keep Snow Piles Off Wooden Fencing

Try not to pile snow against your wooden fence. This can be difficult especially after a major winter storm hits, but the damage this can cause is more than just moisture. The more snow that gets piled along your fence, the more pressure the fence is experiencing from the giant snow pile. This pushing can warp your fence, leave it wobbly, and even push it over. If you use a snowblower or hire a snow removal service, this still applies; keep that snow from being piled along your fence!

Prevent Fall Damage

During the winter months ice and snow can overload tree limbs to the point of breakage. If these falling tree limbs hit your fence, they can cause serious structural damage; the fence posts could even be shifted in the ground, making for an expensive repair! Although this type of preventitive measure is best taken in the warmer months, monitoring the situation during the winter months can also make a huge difference.

Waterproof & Sealant

If you're reading this in the winter it's already too late, however a waterproof stain or sealant is essential for your wooden fence. Not only does a stain keep your wood fence looking great in the warmer months, but also keeps moisture out during the wet and cold months. Investing in some quality sealant or waterproof stain will ensure a longer lifespan for your fence, while keeping it strong and secure. 

Check for Structural Integrity

Once the cold winter passes, get out and inspect your fencing! Check for any moisture damage or cracks in any of the wooden planks. You should also check the integrity of the fence posts by using a string along the top of the fence to ensure that it's still straight. If there's any damage or shifting of fence posts, give us a call right away to get your fence all fixed up!

Alternatives for Wooden Fencing

There are some great alternatives for wooden fencing, especially for those of us who still like the look of a wooden fence. The woodland select vinyl fence looks exactly like a real wooden fence, except it is virtually maintenance free! Be sure to check out our vinyl fencing and see if maintenance free is right for you.