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Cost to Install Wood Fence
October 4, 2017

Overall costs of a wooden fence install varies greatly.

Immediate factors to consider include fence – size, height, material and property size.

Other factors, often forgotten, but which do quickly add up include – hardware (fence post, pickets, rails), sealant, and decorative add-ons.

Having after considering how quickly these expenses can raise fence costs, this post will outline: 

  • Wood Fence Costs
  • Wood Fence Features and Installation
  • General Fence Installation Considerations

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Wood Fence Installation Costs

Not all wood is created equal. Wood is employed in most privacy fences as the primary material

How Much Does Wood Cost?

A basic plank costs as little as $2.40$.

A basic, self-installed, 6-foot, cedar fence will cost 35$ minimum per linear foot. A professional job is rougly double that price.

Wood Types

The type of wood and chosen treatment will directly influence the project costs.


  • Is a very economical option, comparable to a chain-link fence price range


  • Is the best-looking, eye-catching, and most expensive choice
  • To avoid turning grey it must be stained and treated
  • It will be double the cost of cedar, Mixing Wood Types

Mixing Wood Types

  • Pine, cedar and cypress are the most common choices for fence building. Pine being the lower quality wood of the three, and costing less.
  • It is common to mix the types – using pine as fence posts and cedar for the picket.

    • Pine – is better are resisting decay in the ground
    • Cedar – better resists effects of rain and sun

Overall as a category, wooden fencing is difficult to evaluate because of the many options. In the long run mixing wood types can make a difference in project budget without compromising quality.

Wood fences provide more privacy and security than chain linked fences. However, they will required increased labour, materials costs and overall a greater financial investment. Wood durability compared to vinyl fencing for example is also lackluster, although painting and staining will marginally improve strength and longevity again compared to alternative fence types. Finally, adding a gate to a wood fence is an added, costly proposition. 

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Good to Know – Fence Installation Tips

There are 6 major cost considerations when it comes to estimating a project.

  1. Permits:

    • Local municipalities handle permits
  2. Utilities:

    • Ensure that fencing will not interfere with wires or surprise underground pipes
  3. Parts:

    • Acquiring parts from contracts may be the most cost-effective options as contractors usually receive discounts, that make up for their markup fees
  4. Labor:

    • Materials are charged per linear foot typically and together with labour usually
  5. Fence Height:

    • Six feet to eight feet are the most popular fence sizes for privacy fences. However, when deciding on a height best for your space, think of a height that obstructs the view of most people, and keeps animals in or out.
  6. Grading:

    • Sloped land makes installations more difficult and may increase costs of fence installation

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A number of important factors go into calculating the final cost of a wood fence. These include the length and height of the fence, the type of wood used in construction, and the cost of the gates and other features or additions such as post caps and lattice work. Because of this variety, it is possible to have a fence built that fits into many budgets from luxury options to more basic, cost-saving choices.