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Chain Link Fence Privacy Slats – and Advantages
March 31, 2017

Chain link fences (alternatively known as cyclone fence, hurricane fence, wire netting, wire-mesh fence, diamond-mesh fence and chain-wire fences) are a type of woven fence made from a coated steel wire.

There are many p[opular options avaliable for a wide array of locations including playgrounds, back yards, sports fields and industrial areas.

Privacy Slats for Privacy and Security

Privacy slates are thin narrow pieces of durable plastic which are inserted in between the metal weave for additional privacy privacy.

Chain Link Fence Benefits

Security: Chain link fences serve as a strong barrier for residential homes, commercial businesses and industrial job sites. They are also ideal for animal containment due to their durable nature, as well as perfect for dog parks and dog kennels.

Low Maintenance: Galvanization protects the steel from rusting and extends its lifetime not to mention limits

Low Cost & Quick Installations!: Chain link fences are the most cost effective options and can be installed either by professionals for added assurance or buyers.

Variety of Chainlink Options

  • Galvanized Chain link: The steel components of this fence are coated with zinc, to ensure longevity.  The caps, rail ends and line tops are made from die-cast aluminum, including the ties that connect the chain link to the framework.
  • Vinyl Chain link: The components for this type of chain link are the same as the galvanized version; however, the actual mesh (chain link) is coated with vinyl polyester.  It comes in black, brown, green and white, and provides an attractive appearance.
  • Painted: Painted fences start with a galvanized fence as the based later, then coated with vinyl polyester. The other components of the fence are also coated in powder for uniformity and durability.
  • Privacy weave: as mentioned include slates or plastic in between wove wires for privacy and additional appeal

Durability: Fence is secured with  steel posts which are cemented in the ground.

Combing Fence Styles

When dealing with larger properties, we often suggest combining chain link and iron fencing. The more decorative and appealing iron fencing can be installed where it is more visible and the chain link where it is not. Combining different types of fencing helps to lower your overall budget.

Chainlink fencing is desirable is a commonly utilized solution in situations where a low cost, maintenance sturdy, and quick to install option is necessary. Contact Northwest Fencing for Chain link Fence Option and Installation!